Management system

Store, manage and analyze your data

What is a
management system?

The management system is an information system supported by information technology, in which internal and external data (such as company data, market data) can be stored, managed and analyzed in order to support the management in fulfilling its tasks.

Integrated management systems combine several management focal points, such as quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), energy (ISO 50001). Therefore, management systems enable a good balance between stability and flexibility in a time when constantly changing customer requirements and market changes influence the market.

In addition, independent and neutral certification provides the certainty that companies act in accordance with the standard in every respect. You too can use this compass to achieve your goals.


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What are the advantages
of a management system?

Companies generally use management systems to maintain or increase their competitiveness. They are mainly used in the areas of quality, energy and environment.

Management systems help to improve the structure of workflows and operational processes.

Optimised processes in turn help to use resources such as materials, energy or water more efficiently and reduce the environmental impact of operations.

Resource efficiency
Management systems can support the implementation of resource efficiency in operations.

Methodological competence
Companies with management systems use on average more analytical instruments or methods, record a larger number of resource-related key figures and implement more resource efficiency measures than companies without management systems.

Viewing and optimising business processes holistically.

What are the goals
of a management system?

The optimisation of the management system is a process in which companies gradually generate more flexibility and transparency. The results ensure an increasing competitive advantage and more security for your data. In cooperation with you we would like to achieve the following goals:

  • Generate scope for competitiveness and technological development
  • Prevention of isolated and special solutions optimizes internal and external communication
  • Regulatory framework and trust with customers, authorities and local residents
  • Increased efficiency through the new structures
  • Cost savings and synergies
  • Increasing acceptance among employees
  • Linking the elements reduces conflicts in management
  • Better definition of the specifications
  • Common requirements can be better realized (audits, leadership, performance evaluation, continuous improvement, etc.)
  • Neutral view from outside on people, processes, systems and results
  • High degree of decision security thanks to external audits
  • Identification of optimization possibilities in management and improvement processes
  • Internationally recognized certificates as proof of performance


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