Information security

Preventive protection for your digital and analogue data

What is
information security?

Information security can be described in one sentence: The preventive protection of analogue and digital data. However, the possible solutions vary from industry to industry and company to company. There is a good reason why ISO certificates and audits, for example, are becoming increasingly important.

We include confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in our concept. This results in a complete and well thought-out protection.

Information security
Our portfolio

Let us protect your company from possible dangers such as unauthorized access or unwanted manipulation and bring your information security up to date.

What are the advantages
of information security?

Information security is an essential component of every company. And not without reason: there are simply too many security gaps and threats from external sources. You too can benefit from the numerous advantages of information security.


Protection of corporate competencies and information


Protection against potential threats to information


Protection against economic damage


Instructions for employees to provide active protection

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What are the basic protection
goals of information security?

Information security serves primarily to raise the company’s preventive awareness and includes not only digital and analogue data but also the behavior of employees.

We would like to assist you in preventing your company from being exposed to potential threats from the very beginning. The three protection goals of information security are groundbreaking and serve as a guideline for us to competently protect your company.

The three protection goals of information security

Information security & confidentiality

The first goal of information security defines which employees have what access to sensitive data and information.

Information Security & Integrity

Thanks to information security, the functionality and correctness of an IT system can be consistently generated. Data and systems should always be reliable and software and hardware should work without errors. For example, manipulation or duplication of data and information can be avoided.

Information security & availabilit

Information security is a process. However, it is our goal that data is always available in real time and is reliable and credible. And that 24/7, even in the event of a server failure.

This is how our information
security experts can help you

We have consultants and auditors who, in addition to many years of experience in the field of information security and corresponding certificates, are also active as authorized auditors and technical experts for accredited certification organizations. In addition, we have extensive experience in consulting and testing so-called „critical infrastructures“ (KRITIS, check out security management)

In addition, we have proven experts in the field of technical information security, so our portfolio also includes comprehensive consulting projects, the creation of security concepts and emergency manuals, as well as penetration tests and vulnerability scans.

Our experts participated in the realization of the manual of data protection law forms.


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