System integration

Optimal and error-free interface connection of heterogeneous system landscapes

What do we understand
by the integration of systems?

When integrating systems, we help companies to integrate new software into heterogeneous system landscapes that have grown over the decades and to ensure continuous interfaces. A task that is a challenge in many companies, because different programming languages and provisionally combined systems make integration difficult.

The integration of systems is becoming more and more important due to increasingly complex processes. In companies that already operate digitally and have digitalized many business processes, heterogeneous system landscapes with many different software products can often be the result.

If the new development of existing processes is not an option for you, we can help you to ensure a smooth and fast system integration. We integrate your individual standalone application into an already existing overall process.

Imagine following scenario: You plan to purchase a new standard software. It is supposed to be integrated with your existing applications in order to avoid media breaks and to guarantee data integrity. But your software supplier is not able to connect the new system with your grown system landscape?

This is where our integration experts can provide support. We have done all kinds of integration projects, from simple programming of a file interface to a fully customized middleware solution based on our 7P EMMI platform.

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What are the advantages
of system integration?


Optimal and error-free interface connection


Consistent database


Central data storage


Real-time data


Overview of the overall process


Evaluations and analyses


User knowledge


No Vendor Lock-In


No license fees


No compromises on requirements


Standard Technologies


Cost saving

The goals of
system integration

  • Prevention of isolated applications
  • Different systems can interact fluently with each other
  • Added value from the gain of information by connecting system and/or data (banks)
  • Old software can still be used
  • Effective work
  • Time saving

Systems integration:
That is why we are the right choice

Our experienced team can refer to a long history of system integrations in various industries. In cooperation with you, we consider which requirements have to be met and how an integration can be realized in the best possible way.

We can rely on a wide range of know-how, as we have already integrated a large number of different systems: From a pre-paid account balance gateway in the mobile communications sector to material tracking software within a complex production planning and control system in a steel factory to a very robust interface of a waste water billing system to an SAP backend for a state administration.


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