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What is Cloud-Computing

Cloud-Computing is a dynamic internet-based service offering storage space, computing power or application software. In this way, software and hardware are outsourced to an external cloud-provider.

The provisioning and payment of resources can be chosen according to demand (pay-as-you-go). The term cloud was created due to the fact that resources are not provided by a specific computer, but by several interconnected computers.

These can be servers, databases, software, storage, analysis and intelligent functions. In this way, the use of Cloud-Computing enables flexibility, scalability, accessibility and faster innovation within the company. Let us work together to make your infrastructure more efficient and your services more scalable and reliable.

Cloud-Computing - Our services

Together with you, we will answer the question of how your corporate strategy can be sustainably supported with Cloud-Computing.

Using globally proven cloud-adoption frameworks and best practices, we analyze your IT environment and work with your experts to develop your journey to the cloud. How much content will be in the Public-Cloud or in your Private-Cloud will be decided together based on your requirements and security needs.

Since Cloud-Computing affects all parts of your company, we work with you to develop the necessary concepts for adapting the organization, governance and compliance, security, network integration and operation, among other things.

Planning and Roadmap
Cloud-migration requires detailed planning that takes into account all the associated IT services. This ensures that failures during the migration are minimized and data and service consistency are maintained.
The roadmap uses agile methods to iteratively describe a risk-minimized, uninterrupted and trouble-free procedure with the project plan for moving to the cloud.

Now we implement the jointly agreed plan step by step; first the test environment, then production. By using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), almost all platforms in the cloud can be rolled out automatically and scaled at any time.

Training of the employees
All further preparations before the release, such as training of employees, will also be implemented according to plan.

Once everything has been successfully migrated and put into operation, it is important to ensure secure and stable operation.
With our Managed Services, we are happy to take on this task for you and ensure that your entire environment is available in a reliable manner in compliance with the SLA.

In day-to-day operations, your cloud-solution must be further optimized, permanently adapted to changing requirements and cost efficiency must be taken into account.

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What are the advantages
of Cloud-Computing?



  • Data and servers are accessible from any location with Cloud-Computing
  • In addition, you can generate access for customers and service providers more quickly than if you use your own data center


  • There are no investment costs
  • Companies save the expenses of purchasing hardware and software and instead pay only for the use of cloud-resources on an as-needed basis (pay-as-you-go)
  • No need to deploy local data centers
  • Power supply and cooling are exclusively provided by experts


  • Cloud-resources can be made available ad hoc – or automatically depending on the measured utilization
  • Provides great flexibility in case of capacity bottlenecks
  • No pressure of not having enough memory

Globale Scaling

  • Cloud resources can be flexibly scaled horizontally and vertically.
  • You can design your cloud the way you want it
  • You can also decide where data is stored geographically
  • This is very interesting, when it comes to considering security aspects such as the GDPR


  • Your IT teams get the opportunity to concentrate on the really important things in the company, as time-consuming tasks are outsourced
  • Time-consuming tasks, such as setting up hardware, are handled by your cloud-specialists


  • Our cloud-services providers deliver your clouds from the fastest and most secure data centers
  • Regular updates make cloud-services faster and more efficient from generation to generation


  • Your data is always additionally backed up and can be restored in case of an emergency


  • Of course, your data will be protected against possible cyber attacks and comply with the latest GDPR guidelines
  • We maintain IT standards through compliance certifications, which are evaluated by external independent auditors: CSA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level1 and others
  • We take the necessary security precautions to ensure that your data is safe

This is the reason why
we are the right choice


Common cloud-solutions
As an independent software and consulting company, we advise and support you in the market-leading Cloud-Computing solutions of the major providers such as:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google
  • Red Hat Cloud-Suite
  • VMWare

Many years of experience
As an independent software and consulting company, we advise and support you with market-leading Cloud-Computing solutions from major providers such as:

We offer our experience gained from many years advising medium to large sized customers with data center migration, virtualization solutions and Cloud-Computing – to bring you solutions designed your company and your cloud-future.


Close cooperation
Together we develop your cloud-project – from the initial idea to the finished implementation and operation. We offer you certified employees, personal consulting and an agile approach that adapts perfectly to the respective conditions in your company. If you are satisfied, so are we.


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