Agile Transformation

Faster time-to-market, more efficient productivity, high employee satisfaction

The definition of
agile transformation

Megatrends such as globalization and digitization cause continuing intersectoral transformations and dynamically growing markets. This trend demands enterprises to be highly flexible as well as to continuously adapt and optimize their strategy. Hence, companies need to implement a corporate culture allowing for flexibility, self-organization and innovation in order to stay competitive – a transformation is necessary.

The digital and agile transformation within enterprises are closely related to each other. However, digital transformation addresses the transformation process resulting from technological disruption whereas agile transformation refers to changes in corporate culture, corporate governance and business processes.

We understand the agile transformation as the progressive change process of an organizational unit or the entire company based on agile values and principles as well as the implementation of an operation model based on them.

Agile Transformation
Our services

Our process model for an agile transformation contains the three focus areas – strategy, implementation and anchoring – which are interconnected and need to be considered holistically during the transformation. Additionally, we offer coaching & training sessions to establish the agile values and principles in the corporate culture. We support individual teams in their agile transformation or introduce a scaled agile way of working for entire organizational areas – always individually adapted to the requirements of the customer.



The advantages of
agile Transformation

Nowadays, there is hardly a company that can ignore the subject of „agility“. It’s not without reason that everyone is talking about agile transformation, because an agile way of working creates clear and profitable competitive advantages. Companies as well as customers and employees benefit from the positive effects that an agile transformation brings with it.


Customer satisfaction
React flexibly and quickly to changing customer requirements

Agile Transformation_TimeTo Market

Increased delivery speed and earlier market launch of your products

Agile Transformation_Wertschöpfung

Value creation
Agility increases productivity and improves predictability


Employee satisfaction
Transparency and personal responsibility generate satisfaction and motivation

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The goals of
agile Transformation

The definition of a realistic and tangible vision is of particular importance for a successful agile transformation: If the employees identify with the vision, they are motivated to implement the change. At the beginning of the transformation, we support you in deriving individual goals and measures and in ensuring a holistic target orientation.

What are the goals of an agile transformation?


Improved communication with customers and networking of the teams

Increased flexibility through product increments and frequent releases


Permanent cost control
Permanent cost control by reducing error rates in long-term calculations through an iterative approach and minimizing project risks

Agile Transformation_Vertrauen

Corporate Culture
Establishing a new corporate culture that is characterized by trust, transparency, openness and personal responsibility

Who needs an
agile Transformation?

The agile transformation has a very broad area of application. Companies of all sizes and from all industries can benefit from agile transformation.
In an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, companies continue to define processes, rules and specifications that have been in place for decades. Such a bureaucratic environment has the consequence that decisions are delayed and working time of employees is blocked.

An agile transformation makes sense for companies that want the following changes:

  • Dynamic leadership
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Innovation
  • High flexibility
  • Motivation and employee satisfaction


Lean-Agile Leadership and Business Agility distribute responsibility and decentralize decisions. The agile transformation helps to use competencies and to overcome bureaucratic hurdles. Additionally, agile working methods promote innovation and creativity, so that companies can respond faster and more flexibly to changing market conditions.

Why is 7P the right consultant for
your agile Transformation?

We combine flexibility and efficiency. Our qualified consultants, coaches and trainers live the agile values and working methods. In addition, we draw on years of experience and always receive new inspiration, also from our customers and long-term strategic partners. Our holistic and proven transformation approach promotes your methodical and technical development and enables your company to exploit the potential of agile transformation.

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