5G campus network

Real-time connectivity, high bandwidth, increased capacity

The 5G Campus
Network Revolution

With the 5G revolution, new paths are being created that present us with challenges on the one hand, but also offer many new, innovative paths and unforeseen growth opportunities. The changes introduced by 5G will have an impact in many different areas and will revolutionize your products, services and operating models.

Especially in combination with advanced industry 4.0 environments, significant productivity advantages can be realized. We therefore advise you to act now to achieve industry leadership and generate short-term profits with 5G. There are already applicable 5G networks and solutions that we would like to present to you. Please contact us or read further in order to get more information about 5G.

5g campus network
Our services



  • Target definition
  • Feasibility issues
  • Technology consulting
  • Cost estimation
  • Potentials


  • Licence application to the Federal Network Agency
  • Radio network planning
  • Network planning including Edge Cloud and further networking
  • Security concept


  • Creation of RfI/RfP
  • Market analysis


  • Initial setup, roll-out + stabilisation
  • Further development
  • Updates/Upgrades


  • Managed Service


  • Cyber Security (ISO 27001)
  • EU data protection (RGPD)

What are
5G Campus Networks?

Campus networks cover your company’s location and enable a mobile phone network on your buildings site. As a result, you have two networks: the public network and your own private network. You can adapt the private network to your own needs. You decide which employee gets access and which use cases are implemented. Generate specific networks for different application scenarios with our help.

Optimize production processes and workflows, apply intelligent warehousing or track materials and tools throughout the company premises. You already have ideas? Contact us and we will build a secure, stable and sustainable 5G wireless network with you.

Private LTE / 5G network: closed campus network

Public network: with own mobile phone mast on factory premises

Strong data security: no access to private network from outside

Information about processes Configuration of production processes

Machines on the campus interact with each other

Predictive maintenance: fast reaction to abnormalities

Example: Autonomous and shortest way to the truck

Easy connection to other campus networks

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What are the advantages of
5G campus networks?

A 5G network is not only characterized by higher bandwidth or optimized device density per square meter, but also by highly available, reliable and simultaneously fast connections with low latency.

On the one hand, this brings the gigantic computing power from the cloud to the very last corner, e.g. of a production facility, and on the other hand, it allows today’s monolithic devices to be split into small, slim sensors and actuators – which can thus be placed more advantageously and more numerously – and the associated control unit.

  • Extremely low delays
  • Real-time connectivity
  • Enormously increased capacity
  • High Reliability even in critical applications
  • High bandwidth


For whom are 5G campus
networks relevant?

5G campus networks are relevant for any company that wants to create its own network on the company’s premises in order to gain a competitive advantage.
The potential of a 5G campus network differs depending on the industry:


Industrial enterprises
Security, privacy, reliability, quality assurance


Automotive industry
Strip width and positioning


Massive IoT and positioning


Security, privacy, reliability and bandwidth


Public network for end customers, private network for business applications, logistics

What are the goals of
5G Campus Networks?

  • Reliable remote control of machines
  • Implementation of Smart Factories/Industry 4.0
  • Spatial limited use of a non-public mobile network
  • Exceptionally high data security
  • More efficiency and flexibility in business processes
  • Increase in production numbers

How we help you with
your 5G campus network

We can rely on 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and our solutions have proven themselves for many years in daily use by our satisfied customers.

Thanks to our involvement in the development of 2G, 3G and 4G, we have been able to strengthen and develop our expertise in the establishment of networks. We support you in your entire 5G transformation and help you not only with consulting, but accompany you with implementation, roll-out and beyond.


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